Family Office

A  Family  Office is a private wealth management advisory firm set up by a family to oversee the day to day administration and management of assets and investments with the goal of preserving wealth and transferring it to the next generation. 




Benefits of  a Family

  • Build a longterm family legacy;   

  • Family Succession Risk management through risk consolidation

  • Centralization of professional, advisory  and consultancy services

  • Potential higher returns of investment

  • Opportunity to unite the family around common values

  • Next-generation planning

  • Privacy and confidentiality

  • Governance and management structure

Singapore  as the preferred jurisdiction for Family Office

  • Pro-business environment

  • Preferred gateway  to Asia

  • Clear and transparent legal and regulatory framework

  • Politically  stable  economy

  • Attractive hub for foreign talent and with excellent  infrastructure Pro-business environment

  • A choice of 3 attractive tax exemption schemes  regimes

  • Good corporate and trust laws, strong judicial system

  • Strong support from  investment, trust and advisory  professionals

  • Ease of relocation of Family Office staff

  • High standard of living (low crime, good healthcare and education system)

  • Competitive tax regime

  • Attractive tax  treatment for investment holding   companies and Family Offices   

  • Attractive Singapore Fund Tax Exemption schemes

Wealth  planning

  • Structuring and establishment of Family Office

  • Family business succession and governance  planning

  • Complex Trust Solutions: Private Trust Company, Pre IPO, LISTCO

  • Charitable and philanthropic solutions

Wealth  management

  • UHNW Investment Centre of Excellence

  • Premium Advisory and execution

  • Direct access to product specialists FAMILY OFFICE

  • Alternative investment − Hedge funds − Private  equity − Direct investments   


  • Bespoke lending solutions   

  • Corporate banking/investment banking advisory  (through Professional partners )


  • Risk  management and liquidity planning Wealth  management

  • Tax advisory

  • Legal advisory

  • Educational programmes for next generation and  family members


  • Consolidating and reporting services

  • Portfolio aggregation

  • Realised income and capital gains report from top tier accounting firm



WCA can help you structure a Family Office

Design Phase

  1. Understand  and  engage a   family  in relation  to their needs

  2. Collaborate  with  external  legal   and  tax  advisors to evaluate structuring options   

  3. Advise  on suitable  holding jurisdictions and  forms of investment  vehicles 3 Post implementation

  4. Integrate a family’s  needs  into possible  structuring  options  for consideration

Implementation phase

  1. Draft legal documents, obtain tax/legal advice and  assist with application for tax incentive schemes, in collaboration with external legal and tax advisors  

  2. Coordination with a family, family’s representatives  and advisors

Post implementation

  1. Trustee to provide trustee services and nominees services   

  2. Conduct annual reviews with a family to ensure  objectives of the structure are met

  3. Provide updates on any  regulatory changes

  4. Facilitate cross-generation education and  communication