Legacy Planning

One success and prestigious status can be demonstrated not only by possessing great fortune but also by wisely protecting, preserving, growing and passing on our assets.


Legacy planning is the act of preparing how we will bequeath our wealth and assets to our loved ones upon our demise. It centers around planning the transfer of wealth and assets, which may include business, from us to our loved ones. Depending on the size of our estate, it can be a  very simple or a very complex plan.

Legacy planning could also include discussing the values we would like to impart on our heirs, or crafting a family constitution that encompasses more than simply transferring of wealth. It might also place a heavy emphasis on charitable giving. Ultimately the process of legacy planning entails anything and everything that ensures we are happy with the legacy we leave behind.

WealthCap Asia, with a client centric philosophy, will help to design a bespoke solution,  ensuring the preservation of our wealth, protecting it against unforeseeable risk, offering us better control over our assets, whether for generations to come or for our business continuation.